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Children from Morden Primary School Year Four today took part in Pancake Day fun and learning with chef lecturers from South Thames College's new Hospitality and Catering Academy. The event promotes basic food skills and healthy eating – learning to cook can be fun.


The highlight of the day was making and flipping pancakes with the College's chef lecturers. Pupils also took part in a pancake race and pancake tossing.

Judging the races, Andrew Pronger, Acting Head of Morden Primary, said: "This has been a great day with South Thames College. The chefs demonstrated how easy it was to create delicious food that doesn't have to be unhealthy. I hope that days like this will keep our pupils interested in cooking – as a life skill and maybe as something to study further."

Philippe Degand, Chef Lecturer of South Thames College, said: "Working with the children today has been great fun. Catering is not only a great career choice but the basics of cooking are essential to a healthy lifestyle. Seeing the enthusiasm of the children we know that the right teaching and the right setting can really keep people fired up. It definitely reminds us why we've chosen a curriculum that emphasises practical with theory and with opportunities to put practice into action."

The event coincides with the Government's recent announcement to include learning to cook healthy family meals at key stage one, two and three.

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