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No sad music was played as the 29-year-old violin maker plunged from 8,000 feet across Snowdon in a wingsuit. A package of bravery, a wingsuit and a parachute helped him step into the Welsh air. It’s a special record making achievement for Sam at 60 seconds and no one has attempted such a stunt before over Mount Snowdon.

He says: “I took a breath and stepped out into the open air, it was amazing seeing the view from the height I was at, the lakes and mountains were stunning.”

The thrillseeker is a full time learner on the Musical Instrument Making course where he has been working on a violin.

The BBC have been interested to broadcast his story on live TV - no better place to host an interview than at our Merton campus, especially on a day the MIM team were holding an end of year exhibition. Since the BBC wanted to know more about the thrillseeker, Sam had the opportunity to showcase his unique violin making skills.

BBC visits the college to interview musical instrument making student as he enters the history books