Produce biscuit, cake and sponge products -
The learner will be introduced to a range of production methods appropriate to saleable biscuits, cakes and sponge products, and will include commodity/ingredient knowledge, storage and handling.

Biscuits: Piped, cut by cutter, cut from dough, moulded, for example: biscuits à la cuillère, shortbread, cookies, langue du chat, sablé à la poche

Cakes and sponges: Sugar and flour batters, mechanical, chemical aeration, for example: scones and derivatives, soda breads, fruit and celebration cakes, muffins and cup cakes, Madeira, cherry, Victoria, regional varieties, Genoise, Genoese, Swiss rolls .

This course will also include finishing methods and fillings and glazes.


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This is a non-accredited course but you will receive informal feedback from your tutor.

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Progress onto a qualification course in patisserie, baking or cooking.

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