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In the seventh of our course spotlight stories, we spoke with Justina, one of our Applied Science BTEC Level 3 students. She shares her experiences on the course and career plans to beyond studying her course.

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"There are plenty of practical activities which has greatly boosted my understanding of scientific techniques such as looking at a heartbeat under a microscope, teamwork has built strong friendship groups outside of the classroom too.

College life was unexpected mainly owed to the fact teachers are down to earth while making sure punctuality and attendance are of a high standard. The support I have been provided with has contributed to my grades of D*D*D. Merton College is fruitful in its activities such as table tennis, boxing, Jack Petchy and a college gym which I have taken part in. College is not just about learning, there is support across all departments and the environment is extremely friendly and safe.

The college has taught me vital skills and knowledge that will get me ahead in the job market.

At least once a term, we go on study visits and there are many extracurricular activities to partake in outside of the classroom. For example, the college provided forensic and science students with a two-day forensic experience, where we investigated a crime scene and competed for medals in teams. This allowed both year one and two students to integrate.

Making friends at this college is very easy, due to the high number of students of various abilities taking part in activities in the enrichment room and drama studio. Owed to the level 3 courses, the high number of practical activities during class also produces a ground to make friends and work as a team. Pastoral tutors know most students by the first name and check in often, not just on issues inside college but issues that may be bothering you outside of college too which means all students have overall positive relationships with teachers.

I have secured offers with the universities I applied for, to study a bio-medical science undergraduate degree. However, I am additionally looking into degree-funded apprentices in finance, to keep my options open. This will be my second year at the College which means I will no longer need to study here as I will have achieved: D*D*D in my level three science qualification.

My advice to anyone looking to study at Merton College is if you are uncertain about which course to take, applied science, being highly practical based, based provides all students with a good framework whether you want to peruse a career in science or not. This course is ideal if you want to peruse a career in biological studies, or if you are unsure what you want to do, due to its high versatility across employment institutions".

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