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As part of College Employability Month, our Level 3 Forensic Science students took part in a forensic science investigation as part of their units 32 (Forensic Evidence Collection & Analysis) and the findings to write an offender profile for unit 35 (Applications of Forensic Psychology). The workshop was facilitated by Thinkers in Education, are a specialist STEM organisation.

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Our learners had the opportunity to use actual forensic equipment to perform tasks such as Crime Scene Photo Analysis, DNA Fingerprinting and Toxicology; in an effort to investigate a realistic crime scene on the College grounds.

At the end of their investigation exercise, students presented their crime scene report on their findings to the course tutors, Thinkers in Education facilitators and their classmates on how the victim was murdered and who the murderer was.

Some of the students enjoyed the worked and have already begun considering looking at careers in the field of forensic science:

Samira Cabdi said: “As part of the forensic course I loved this opportunity. It gave me an insight into what I would want to do in the future. It was fun, interactive and enjoyable. I would recommend this to all schools as it broadens forensic scientific knowledge through practical and fun activities”.

Franklin Wickham said “I liked the music and all the events we did such as the wisdom and bone investigation. I do not think the event could be improved.

Deborah Oji said “I enjoyed that it was very interactive and also that we were able to discuss group decisions on things that happened. I also enjoyed the experiments we carried out.”

Thompson Adeyemi said: I liked how they involved us and made us participate in challenges while educating us at the same time. I also liked the experiments and how they educated us in real-life situations.

Nikita Goodsell said: “This event was very fun and educational. It is great to provide forensic investigation knowledge as part of the forensic group. It helped give me an idea on what working in forensics would be like and what aspects I would consider in the future. It is a great way to encourage and improve thinking and analysis skills.”

Even the staff had a great experience of the workshop with the students.

Maria Carte, Senior Science Technician said: “Very well organised, delivered “exceptional” is the word for this event. I will recommend to others.

Hamid Fotuhi, Lecturer “Excellent workshop is presented to the learners but lots of information is provided in very short time which is difficult to absorb all of them.

Thinkers in Education, were happy working our students and commented: “We enjoyed working with you and the students from your college. Your students were excellent.”

Overall, the day provided students with real-life experience in working on a forensic crime scene, from which some of the students gained valuable team working and problem solving skills.

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