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During the week of our College Employability sessions, our Level 3 Engineering students took part in a Crisis Management workshop led by Andy Gillman MBE, the Outreach Programme Director at UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). 

 mertoncollege mod workshop andy gillman mbe

The topic of the workshop was on fast-moving crisis situation overseas; from which our students worked in groups and utilised their engineering knowledge to address the situation.

After the group activity, for the follow-up exercise, our students had to present their strategy by the adopting the roles of members of the Government; in which they answered questions in a press conference on handling the crisis situation.

The workshop exercise made a lasting impression on two of our students and inspired them to consider engineering jobs with the Ministry of Defence.

mertoncollege mod workshop engineering students

Ruth Persada said, “I felt that the workshop by Andy was very useful, as I learned about the types of Crisis’s that happen around the world, along with the strategies and problem-solving tactics to manage a major Crisis situation. Most importantly I learnt how to cooperate with others when working in a team. Coming away from the workshop, it has given me skills in problem-solving, which I could use in my future career as a Civil Engineer. Overall, I enjoyed the workshop very much, as I have gained the confidence to engage with other people on teamwork situations.”

Benaiah Cooper said “the workshop was interesting and gave me a good insight into issues in politics are dealt with. It was exciting to work in a team to figure out how to resolve problems and use skills that will help me in future employment. Overall, it was a great experience and very memorable.

Neil Dickson, Curriculum Manager for Construction & Engineering said “Andrew’s workshop was a great activity for our students, as it has opened their eyes into one organisation with a strong engineering operation and also consider their future progression after completion of their course at Merton College.

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