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A big-hearted student from Merton College raised over £500 for Macmillan by auctioning a guitar he handcrafted during his lessons. 30-year-old Steven Richardson, a musical instrument making and repair student, chose to raise money for the cancer charity after his aunt died of the disease last year.

Steven, who lives in Streatham, said: "My aunt's wish was for donations to be made to Macmillan nurses as they really helped her in her last days. Whilst there was a whip around, I didn't feel that it would be enough on my part. So I decided to build a guitar and auction it off, in the hope of making more than just £20 in a cup."

After approaching companies to contribute materials, Steven found people were impressed with his positive attitude and supportive of the project. He had all the high-quality wood of the guitar donated and with a little help from his music technology tutors at Merton College he spent a total of 127 hours crafting the instrument, even attending college in his spare time. The hard work paid off when the eBay auction was won with a final bid of £510.

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Steven explained: "I couldn't believe it when I saw the bid had reached £500. I thought if it sold for £300 I'd be happy, I never dreamed it would reach as much as it did. It just goes to show how generous people are when it comes to a good cause."

Steven has shown a real flair for the craft, despite having only studied the part-time course for a year. Following a severe spinal injury which forced him to give up his job as a carpenter, he decided to embark on a new direction.

He continued: "Carpentry was all I knew, so I had two choices: sit and waste away, or get up and do something. I have an inquisitive mind, I love puzzles and problem solving, and that's what a lot of this is. Working out what works well, what doesn't, if there's a problem, how to go about fixing it, and of course the gratification at having actually built your own instrument."

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