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Merton College’s catering students explored the kitchens of the Royal Albert Hall that have whipped up meals for famous actors, musicians and royalty during a behind-the-scenes tour of London most prestigious entertainment – finding out how the kitchens work and even visiting the Queen’s private rooms.

merton college hospitality and catering academy RAH

The group from our Hospitality and Catering Academy were welcomed by Daniel Jacobs, the General Manager of the RAH catering suppliers Rhubarb. Daniel treated the students to full access of all areas of the iconic building.

Daniel Day, a Level 2 Hospitality and Catering student, said, “The trip was really interesting. It was great to see all the different kitchens, which were much smaller than I thought they would be.

“We visited the Queen’s private room and staircase, it was great to see the parts of the building that the public wouldn’t ordinarily see.”

The trip was organised as a reward for the students who had given up their free time to represent the College at last year’s Skills Show London.

Amy Taylor, who led the trip and manages the College’s Taste restaurant, added, “The trip was a great experience for the students as they saw how the venue caters to a diverse range of clients depending on the events that are running.

“It was also really special for our students to be shown around by the General Manager, as he explained in details about all the different catering outlets and how they run the venue as a successful business.”