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Asli Moallin is in Year 1 of studying BTEC Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care. She has ambitions to attend a top university and become a Child Psychologist. Read more about her experience of being a student at Merton College. 

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Why did you choose to study Health & Social Care?
I chose to study Health & Social Care because I am passionate about helping people, especially those who are struggling. The course also includes units that I’m extremely interested in, such as sociology and psychology.

Why did you choose to study it at Merton College?
Merton has an amazing support system for any problems that individual students might be going through, whether that’s financial aid or mental health support. The college also has a lot of resources for its students to use, like the gym, huge library and access to computers, which makes researching and working on assignments a lot easier.

What do you enjoy about the course?
I enjoy how our units are taught in my course, it usually includes a discussion or debate in our class, of which I take part in. This is a more interactive and productive way of teaching, instead of just attending lectures. My advice for people thinking of applying to college is to think carefully about the type of course you want to study, make sure that it’s something you are passionate about.   

Next steps and career ambitions…
I’m in my first year of my diploma and I aspire to go to a great university next year. I would like to study psychology and go on to achieve my dream of becoming a child psychologist.