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Merton College, part of the South Thames Colleges Group currently remains open to provide care for learners whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response and students with safeguarding, welfare needs and health and care (EHC) plans.

A large part of this provision is based at the Aurora Learning Hub, a specialist non-residential FE Centre for young adults with moderate to severe learning disabilities, located at Merton College.

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90% of the Centre’s staff consisting of learning support workers, tutors and therapists turned up today, Tuesday 24 March, and will continue to do so, to care for the learners in this area. They are supported by numerous other staff employed by the college group, who have volunteered to help in the Hub.

Learners have been practising social distancing while doing fun, engaging and useful activities and they are primarily engaged in outdoor tasks while retaining a safe working distance.

Head of School, Foundation Learning Steve Dixon says: “It has been inspiring to see my colleagues pull together to offer the best experience for their learners in the most challenging of circumstance. Every member of the team continues to focus on the young people in their care, many of whom have key workers at home.”

Peter Mayhew-Smith, Group Principal and CEO of South Thames Colleges Group says: “Merton College has stayed open to provide learning for some of our most needy students, children of critical keyworkers and vulnerable adults. Thanks to the extraordinary commitment of some exceptional staff, we are able to offer a really positive and productive experience to this important group of students.

Elsewhere, most of our students are working very hard at home and we've managed to switch a lot of our curriculum to remote learning, again thanks to some very special efforts from some very special people.”

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