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Izabela is one of our Level 3 Health & Social Care students and is originally from Romania. She has ambitions to become a researcher in Neuroscience and Psychology. 

She says: "When I moved to London from my home country, I could not understand the written words in library books and wasn't able to speak English. Now, I've passed my GCSEs and I'm in the second year of my Diploma - and I've received four university offers! I was even able to move from Level 1 to Level 3, without doing Level 2 at all. The staff at Merton College have been very welcoming and supportive from the beginning. I applied to study a Health & Social Care Diploma because I am very passionate about helping people and I want to make a difference in that sector. Once I have completed my Diploma this year, I hope to study Neuroscience and Psychology at university. 

My advice for students is to believe in yourself and your future if you want to make your career ambitions come true." 

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