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Enquiries and expressions of interest for Adult Learning courses

As you know, the college is closed until further notice but we are working remotely.

If you are interested in a course for Term 3 (Summer Term) or September 2020, please complete the Expression of Interest form below and we will get back to you within a week. We have a range of vocational courses, English and Maths courses, Community Learning courses and Distance Learning courses. Course information can be found by clicking on the subject areas on the website.

All our distance learning courses can be completed online and are available during the period of college closure.

The Expression of Interest form below replaces our regular Advice and Guidance slots which have been suspended until further notice.

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Please confirm that you are over 19 (as of 31 August 2019)*



Online resources to help our learners and their families during the College closure


Accounting and Finance

Art, Craft and Fashion

Online exhibitions at Tate Britain and Tate Modern:

Business, Law and Professional Studies

Cake Decorating and Cookery

Childcare, Health, Care and Science

Computing and IT

Fraud Prevention and Cyber Crime


Leisure and Wellbeing

Teaching and Training

Training for Work

For Families

YouTube Videos on Numerous Subjects