Hayley and Gerry Judge - Guitar

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Hayley and Gerry Judge are a duo who sing live on stage. Hayley can play the guitar but Gerry would pretend on stage so he decided to start a beginner's guitar class at Merton.

Learning the basic chords and being able to play a new song every week, Hayley was impressed with her husband’s ability to play the guitar so she decided to join the class herself.

Hayley says: “In 2017 I decided I would also join the guitar lessons with Tracy (tutor) as I wanted to gain more confidence and also learn different guitar techniques.  I have generally just stuck to strumming and wanted to brush up on playing barre chords, but also I am now trying to practise the picking technique a bit more.  It is nice that we can both learn guitar as a couple."

Kevin Andrews - Stained & Fused Glass

Stained & Fused Glass

"I have always loved glass and the effect of colour and light playing through glass.

For several years I taught glass painting with solvent based glass paints along with mixed crafts and soap making, etc, for adult education.

Four years ago, I started a course with Maria, first to explore stained glass work, but found my real love has been to work with fused glass as I love exploring different techniques to create original pieces.

Since then I have continued to practice fused glass work and build on my newly found skills, bought my own kiln and now sell my work at craft fairs and online."