Complete this course to gain the qualification you need to become a community interpreter. This qualification is recognised by many public services and you could use it to go on to work in areas such as healthcare or the civil service. You should have completed Community interpreting 1 - Level 3 before enrolling on this course.

For Merton College, any new students will need to complete a pre-enrolment form before starting this course. Please download the form here.

You'll cover:

  • Specialist terminology used in the public services

  • Independent research into the public service and health care issues within your chosen community

  • Your confidentiality and impartiality responsibilities

  • An overview of interpreting codes of practice

  • How to write successful applications for interpreting jobs and further training


How do I get the qualification?

You have to complete the Community Interpreting Part 1 and part 2 in order to obtain a qualification.

Is there an exam?

No, there is no exam. You build a portfolio with assessments that you complete at home and during lesson times.

If I have past experience as an Interpreter or Translator, can I fast forward and complete Part 2 without completing part 1?

No. all candidates must complete Part 1 (9 assessments) before completing Part 2 (7 assessments, 1 formally assessed role-play and 2 glossaries and short translation into target language). It takes 6 months to complete the Community Interpreting qualification at STC.

Can I complete part 1 and Part 2 at the same time?

Unfortunately, no.

Which qualification do I get?

London Open College Network. There is a qualification fee Qualification fee of £100 that you pay at beginning of part 2.

When I finish, where do I work?

You work for private Agencies. Agencies will send you to work in Benefits, Health, Social Care, Immigration, Housing and Education cases. Tutors will provide with a list of London Interpreting Agencies.

What is the pay rate I will expect to earn?

Pay rate goes from £12 to £25 per hour approx.


As well as the material fee of £40 there is an exam fee which you'll pay in addition to the course fee. The exam fee is £115. Your tutor will talk to you about this when you start the course.


You'll be assessed through eight written assignments and role-plays.

Entry Requirements

You must be 18 or over and:

  • Be able to speak English fluently (equivalent to Cambridge First Certificate or ESOL Level 2)

  • Be able to read, write and speak fluently in your community language - most students are native speakers. The community languages accepted to study the course with us are: Arabic; Bengali; Bulgarian; Farsi; French; Greek; Hindi; Italian; Japanese; Mandarin; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Turkish; Urdu; Romanian; Somali

  • Have successfully completed Community interpreting 1 - Level 3.

Next Steps

This course will give you a recognised qualification you can use to go into work. If you want to work towards another specialist qualification, ask your tutor about the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) or Diploma in Police Interpreting (DPI). Both courses run at South Thames College.

Important information

All courses run subject to demand and the content listed here should be used as a guide only. Course content may vary according to a range of factors such as course duration, campus, teaching staff and requirements from awarding bodies. Check our course and fee guidelines for further details.

Apply for this course

Where and when
13 Weeks
Study mode:?
Part time
What do I need to pay?
£ 415
International students: ?
£ 535
Materials fees: ?
£ 40

You need to come to an advice session to apply. Contact 020 8918 7777 or to book.

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