The course will cover paint handling, colour mixing, warm & cool, tints and shades, modelling form, a wet into wet technique, layering and manipulating the paint. Subjects will include still life, portrait and landscape, contextualised with artist examples.

  • How to handle acrylics, explore some methods & techniques
  • Choose and prepare supports for painting
  • Approach a variety of subjects 
  • Work from observation and selected secondary resources
  • Develop composition 
  • Mix colours, tints and shades – develop an understanding of how colour works
  • Develop individual creativity


Acrylic paints (Daler-Rowney System 3 are a good choice), brushes, flat palette, cartridge paper/pad, watercolour paper. Acrylic painting paper is not essential and canvas optional. If in doubt wait until your first class where your tutor can explain and show examples.


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