Graham Wood - Watercolour Painting

Graham Wood

Graham Wood wanted to improve his painting skills after starting work as a painter and illustrator. He began a course in drawing and watercolour painting at Merton Adult Education which enabled him to study one day a week at college learning a variety of techniques and approaches to painting with a range of subjects from still life to landscape and portraits. “I joined the watercolour class two years ago in a bid to improve my technique which I feel I have definitely succeeded with.”


Working with drawing materials and water based paints you will develop observational skills and the use of other source material, the ability to select and use different media and techniques, how to mix and use colours with some confidence, how to create balanced compositions and develop your individual creativity.

A course outline will be provided at the start of the course detailing each week's project.


2B pencil and drawing paper plus any additional drawing materials and watercolours if you already have them. Materials will be available at cost and/or to borrow on the first day if needed. Your tutor will supply a full list of materials and advise on the selection of paints at the first class.

A set of watercolours and a couple of brushes/paper will cost approx. £25.


Your teacher will give you feedback and advice. You'll work with your classmates to evaluate each other's work. You'll also complete an individual learning plan.

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