Classical, steel string and electric guitars

This course offers the opportunity for students, who have completed the Beginner (Year 1) course, to continue and build on skills learnt and progress. The aim is to complete your first instrument or start new, learning new techniques as required, progressing using specialist tools and finishing processes.

Further skills gained - Classical and Steel String:

  • Design
  • Methods of bending wood
  • Use of hand/power tools
  • Tuning guitar fronts
  • Exploring tones and sustainable of different woods

Further skills gained – Electric:

  • Design
  • Use of different woods
  • Drop top materials
  • Neck joint types
  • Use of hand/power tools

Further skills gained – Classical, Steel String and Electric:

  • String lengths
  • Fretting
  • Replace and shaping of frets
  • Nut, saddle and heights
  • Action

During the year instruments can be bought in for repair to acquire a greater knowledge and understanding when repairing an instrument.

The purchase of timber/hardware for each project is the responsibility of the student although the tutor will advise on selection. There is a fee which is a contribution towards the cost of tools and consumables used during the course.


Your tutor will give you feedback and advice.

Next Steps

You can further your knowledge by taking another course at the College.

Important information

All courses run subject to demand and the content listed here should be used as a guide only. Course content may vary according to a range of factors such as course duration, campus, teaching staff and requirements from awarding bodies. Check our course and fee guidelines for further details.