If youve a passion for rock and pop music and dream of being able to play your favourite tunes on guitar then this course is a great starting point.

This course is aimed at musicians who have some basic guitar playing experience and will teach you:

  • Chords: for example minor 7th, sus4, as score requires

  • Power chords/barre chords

  • Development of strum pattern rhythms

  • String bending and slides

  • Pop/rock songs

  • Reading tablature

  • Speed and accuracy


If you are bringing an electric guitar please make sure to bring a lead.


Your teacher will give you feedback and advice. There is no final exam.

Next Steps

If music is your passion have a look at some of the other music courses we run at the college, including music production and performance.

Important information

All courses run subject to demand and the content listed here should be used as a guide only. Course content may vary according to a range of factors such as course duration, campus, teaching staff and requirements from awarding bodies. Check our course and fee guidelines for further details.

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