The OCNLR Awards in Digital Literacy are a series of qualifications, at different levels, aimed at helping learners develop critical reading and thinking skills when undertaking online research. The qualifications lend themselves well to project-based activities within which learners may use the results of their individual research for productive ends whether they be personal, academic or work-related. This Course is set at and Entry 3 level.


You will be doing this course online and will need a notebook and pen.


You will be doing this course online and will need a notepad and pen. You will receive feedback from your Tutor.

Entry Requirements

You will need to take an assessment before enrolling on this course. 

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Next Steps

You will able to join a Level 1 Course or another Computing course.

Important information

All courses run subject to demand and the content listed here should be used as a guide only. Course content may vary according to a range of factors such as course duration, campus, teaching staff and requirements from awarding bodies. Check our course and fee guidelines for further details.


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