Noureddine Bedaoui - Maths

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Noureddine Bedaoui enrolled on a Maths GCSE course in September 2016. He completed the qualification in June 2017 gaining grade B. He achieved this whilst keeping a full time job as a delivery driver and raising his young family.

Noureddine’s goal is to become a maths teacher in a secondary school and to complete PGCE teacher training at university in order to achieve his goal. Because Noureddine was educated abroad, he also needed to gain a GCSE English qualification as part of his university application.

Noureddine is currently enrolled on an English GCSE course and through hard work and determination is on track to achieve a good grade, which will allow him to realise his ambition of training as a teacher.

Get your maths and English GCSEs at one of our campuses in London. Our GCSE course will equip you with essential skills for further study or work, and could also be useful if you're a parent and want to help your child with their homework.

Please note if you're:

  • Aged 16-18 AND
  • Studying a full-time course with us AND
  • Without GCSE maths or English at a grade C or above

You must study GCSE maths or English alongside your course.

Can I retake my GCSEs if I'm studying another course?

It depends what you're studying and if you're with us or another college/school.

Type of courseCan I study GCSEs with Merton College?
Level 1 Yes
Level 2 Yes
Level 3 Yes, but we recommend you take only one GCSE as you'll find it hard to study your course and two GCSEs at the same time
Access course Yes, but we recommend you take only one GCSE as you'll find it hard to study for your course and two GCSEs at the same time
Part-time course Yes
At another college Yes if you're 19 or older

How do I apply?

You'll need to take an assessment before you can enrol on the course. Book an assessment online or drop into one of our campuses and speak to Student Services. Let us know you can come and we'll see you there.

How much does it cost?

If you don't have a grade C or above in maths or English then you can retake that GCSE course for free so long as you get a good enough mark in your assessment. On our free courses there are sometimes administrative charges – like the college registration fee – to pay. Find out more when you enrol or by speaking to Student Services beforehand.

We also offer a paid-for GCSE course. This is only if you’ve done quite well in your assessment but we think it might be hard for you to get a grade C or above in the exam. This way you can still take the one year GCSE course with us but you’ll have to pay. You’ll also have to make sure you work hard at your studies to give yourself the best chance of getting a C or above in your June exams.